A Nurturing
Christian Environment
Pouring Into The Lives Of
Little Ones, Mind, Body And Soul
God's Word Guides Them Along Their Path To Success
A Nurturing Christian Environment Guides Little Ones
God's Word Guides Them Along Their Path To Success

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Keller, TX

We Were Chosen As Best Place For Working Parents™️! We're Proud To Be Of Service!

We are Committed To The Health Of Your Family

Faith-Based Learning Is At The Heart Of What We Do

Christianity and moral values are at the heart of all we do. We have daily chapel, Bible storytime, and pray before each meal to create a sense of community and a warm, family feeling for the children under our care.

Talented, Loving Teachers With Years of Childcare Experience

Our highly educated staff is deeply passionate about early childhood education and spends an average of ten years with us. All of our pre-K teachers hold a college degree in English or Education, equipping them to provide meaningful care and lessons.
Talented, Loving Teachers With Years Of Childcare Experience

An Electrostatic Sprayer And Air Scrubber Boost Cleaning Measures

The SaniPro 360© is an electrostatic spray that’s electrically charged, allowing sanitizers and disinfectants to wrap around and evenly coat all types of surfaces for a more complete clean. Dust Free® air purification technology “scrubs” the air, eliminating germs and viruses.

High-Quality Education That Ensures Kindergarten Readiness

Thanks to the Frog Street® and Abeka® curriculums, your little one will gain a strong foundation of academic skills throughout their time with us. From math to science, art, and literacy, they’ll be well equipped for their entry into grade school. You can count on us.

Literacy Is Guaranteed By Preschool Graduation

Using the Formal Phonics curriculum, we will teach your child how to recognize letters and sounds, as well as pre-K vowels and high-frequency consonants. By the time they reach kindergarten, they’ll be able to read!

Rest Assured That Your Little One Is Always Safe

Anyone who works with your child passed rigorous background checks so you know your child is in trusted hands. Restricted entryway access requiring personalized codes, security cameras inside and out, and a full perimeter fence, also ensure your kiddo is super safe.

Premier Prep School - After School Care

With a touch of home, we offer a safe program designed to be what you and your child are looking for. They’ll get exercise, healthy snacks, and a quiet place to do their homework - you’ll feel confident they’re having fun!

happy smiling boys playing on swngs at a Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Keller, TX

The Building Blocks For Happy, Independent Little Personalities

Patient teachers gently redirect and correct behaviors to refine your child’s socio-emotional skills and show them how to build healthy relationships. We use Love & Logic® and the Conscious Discipline® method to teach them how to care, share, and take turns.

Daily Outdoor Exercise on Age-Appropriate Playgrounds

Your little one will run, jump and climb with their friends on our outdoor playgrounds twice a day. Each area is separated by age group to ensure that physical development happens at the right pace.

A Catered Food Program That Introduces Healthy Eating Habits

Your child benefits from fresh, delicious meals and snacks made from scratch, thanks to a premier school-specific caterer. One of the best food programs in the city includes fruits, vegetables, nutritious proteins, and wholesome grains fuel your child’s learning and fun every day, and always account for preferences and sensitivities. Vegan options are available.

Voted Top Childcare Provided By Our Community

Proud recipient of several local awards recognizing the high quality of early childhood education programs, standards of care, and achievements and accomplishments. The Fort Worth Award Program specifically recognizes the best local businesses within the community.
happy kids doing art at a Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Keller, TX

Creativity Flourishes Through Research-Based Enrichments

Beyond academic learning, your child will be encouraged to pick up new hobbies and express themselves through our roster of extracurricular activities. Each enrichment is backed by science, proven to boost creativity and brain growth, and include:

Parent Communication Keeps You Up To Speed

Never miss a beat throughout your child’s day! Teachers proactively contact you to keep you informed through your ChildPilot© app. Stay connected to your little one with activity reports, photos, videos, and more–right from your phone.

cute toddlers eating outdoors at a Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Keller, TX

How We Meet Your Many Busy Needs

Skip the prep time thanks to helpful extras. Daily meals and snacks are served to your little one, uniforms for learners ages 2 and older are for purchase at a nominal fee, taking the guesswork out of what to wear. Plus we’re open twelve hours and close for only eight holidays.

Yes, We Offer Tuition Support Options

Hear from Parents Like you

The Parrish Family
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Chris, thank you for the love and care we’ve experienced at Premier. It is more than I could have ever asked for and has been the source of much comfort and relief. Every difficult drop off was eased knowing they were with someone who cared for them and was here to watch them and guide them. “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.” Our hearts have certainly been touched forever. Thank you for being part of our story.
Thank you,
The Parrish Family
Mrs. Felicia M.L. Davis
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Chris & Rob What a model partnership you are! I cannot begin to express the peace I feel knowing you are the owners. Your level of compassion, dedication, and Godly joy abounds! I can only imagine the sleepless nights, countless hours of work, and all while balancing a family of your own. It does not go unnoticed!
God Bless,
Mrs. Felicia M.L. Davis
Jennifer Borchardt
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We absolutely love Premier! All of the teachers have been amazing with our girls! The staff is so friendly! Watching our girls learn and grow has been an experience to remember! They are more prepared for Kindergarten then we ever could have imagined! We highly recommend Premier Academy at Heritage!
Rachel Fenn
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I had my son here as an infant and absolutely loved it! The teachers were so attentive and gave me a detailed description of what happened during the day. I always felt so welcomed walking in especially seeing Chris and Jill at the front desk. The whole team is amazing! Definitely worth it!
Helene Sell
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ALWAYS a friendly face when I walk in and walk out. The staff really takes the time to get to know your family. I would highly recommend. Love that they are open when schools are closed, really helps the working parent who can’t always take off when school is closed.
Ashley Silvey
Read More
Premier has been a true blessing for our family. We have been taking our daughter there for the past 2 years and now she is off to Kindergarten! Over the past few years our girl has grown dramatically with her speech, manners and reading/writing. The teachers are very structured, caring and supportive!
Abigail Richie
Read More
I cannot express how amazing this school is. The teachers and staff genuinely care about the kids. Ms Chris is an awesome Director. Couldn’t have found a better place for my daughter. Thanks Premier Academy!
Andrew Sisk
Read More
Premier has been an outstanding service to our family. The staff is extremely friendly and caring, all while providing superior educational services to the children. I highly recommend them!
Loriann Pulley
Read More
We love premier! I went through MANY daycares for my 12 month old daughter before I walked in the doors of Premier and felt like home! They knew my babies name the second time we even walked in. The staff is so friendly and welcoming.
A Train
Read More
Could not have asked for a better experience!! Truly felt like an extended family and that’s EXACTLY what you want to feel when you are leaving your little ones in someone else’s care!
Melissa Bostick
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Premier is a wonderful school. Your children will be loved and well taken care of. From the office staff to the teachers, everyone is professional and friendly!
Elizabeth Penna
Read More
My kiddo has gone to this school since infancy and we have always had supportive & involved teachers and office staff! Will attend until my kids age out! 🙂
Miranda Heckler
Read More
Wonderful place, very clean and organized. Would highly recommend to any friends or family!
Joey J. Penna
Read More
They have always taken great care of my family! Good hearted people
Gabrielle H.
Read More
I love everything about Premier.... it amazes me the things my daughter is being taught there. Best decision ever💜

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